Pro Bono

Kelly Hart has long been committed to providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations of limited financial means.  This commitment is consistent with the ethical responsibility the legal profession places on lawyers to provide pro bono legal services. Furthermore, the firm recognizes that it is appropriate for persons licensed as officers of the court, regardless of their department or practice area, to use their training, experience and skills to provide pro bono legal services for which compensation may not be available. 

The firm also believes that pro bono work provides our attorneys with unique opportunities for personal and professional development. Thus, the firm has adopted a policy to encourage firm attorneys to provide pro bono legal services and to foster an environment that is supportive to those engaged in the provision of pro bono legal services. 

The firm encourages each attorney to aspire to devote 50 hours annually to pro bono legal services. Associates and Summer Associates are encouraged to participate in pro bono activities offered by the firm’s Pro Bono coordinator and committee.  The Pro Bono Committee members include: