Kelly Hart Launches Appellate Law Blog

The Present and Ready Blog will explore a range of topics relevant to businesses and individuals engaged in litigation. It caters to trial and appellate lawyers, along with judges, providing valuable insights on trial strategy, error preservation, and procedural matters from an appellate perspective.

Authored by, Elizabeth Geary, a partner in the firm’s appellate section and Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law. Frequently enlisted by fellow attorneys for her expertise in managing intricate briefs and oral arguments, Ms. Geary has effectively navigated litigation and appellate cases across all levels of state and federal courts in Texas and New Mexico. Notably, she achieved a victorious defense against a petition for writ of certiorari before the Supreme Court of the United States. Ms. Geary, who argued at the Supreme Court of Texas during her second year of practice, brings a wealth of experience to her role.

The blog can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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