Kelly Hart Overturns a 1.8 Million Verdict on Appeal

The Kelly Hart team of Bill Warren, Sharon Fulgham, David Keltner and Stacy Blanchette obtained the reversal of a trial court judgment for breach-of-contract. 

After a jury trial, the trial court awarded the plaintiff, Gregg Gibb, more than $1,800,000, plus attorneys’ fees, against our clients, Conglomerate Gas II, L.P. and Vancouver Sky Management, L.L.C., based on a breach-of-contract claims, while entering judgment against Gibb on several tort claims he had also brought.  Both sides appealed the judgment, and the Second Court of Appeals reversed that portion of the trial court’s judgment on Gibb’s breach-of contract claim, affirmed the trial court’s rejection of Gibb’s tort claims, and rendered judgment that Gibb take nothing. Court of Appeals Number: 02-14-00119-CV.  Trial Court Case Number: 236-237790-09  Style: Conglomerate Gas II, L.P. and Vancouver Sky Management, L.L.C. v. Gregg Gibb