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Loulan J. Pitre
Loulan J. Pitre - Attorney Spotlight
"Our Louisiana offices serve clients from Louisiana, Texas, and coast to coast. We are thrilled to bring our Louisiana knowledge and experience to bear to help our clients achieve their goals, and we appreciate being supported by the resources of a full-service law firm."

Russell Cawyer Authors Blog on Age Discrimination in Facebook Job Ads

Russell Cawyer's blog post—entitled “New Lawsuit Claims Companies Discriminate Against Older Workers in Facebook Job Placement Advertising” and published on the Texas Employment Law Update—addresses a recent lawsuit filed by three workers and the Communication Workers of America against T-Mobile, Amazon, Cox Communications, and Cox Media Group. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant employers used targeted advertising that systemically excluded older applicants.  This lawsuit serves as a reminder that employers should not place unlawful restrictions on who can view job openings on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

360 West Magazine Names 85 Kelly Hart Attorneys as Top Attorneys for 2019
360 West magazine