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Loulan J. Pitre
Loulan J. Pitre - Attorney Spotlight
"Our Louisiana offices serve clients from Louisiana, Texas, and coast to coast. We are thrilled to bring our Louisiana knowledge and experience to bear to help our clients achieve their goals, and we appreciate being supported by the resources of a full-service law firm."

Loulan J. Pitre Featured Speaker at Coastal Law Seminar

Loulan J. Pitre Jr was a featured speaker at the Coastal Law Seminar on March 1, 2018  on the topic, “Coastal Law in Louisiana—The Historical Perspective.” 
Mr. Pitre provided a broad historical overview of coastal law in Louisiana, including the following:  (1) the European inheritance: basic Civil Code principles affecting coastal law and flood protection; (2) the public-private intersection, as exemplified in the historical evolution of the levee servitude; (3) the evolving interaction of federal and state law affecting the Louisiana coast; (4) the beginnings of the concept of coastal restoration; (5) the synthesis of coastal restoration and protection following the 2005 storms; and (6) the concept of a working coast and its legal implications.  The Coastal Law Seminar, which was sponsored by the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law & Policy, covered a wide-range of legal issues encountered by coastal users, regulators, and special interest groups.

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