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Russell Cawyer and Hannah Parks Co-Author Blog on Tracking Employee Worktime

Russell Cawyer and Hannah Parks co-authored an article addressing the use of biometric systems to tracks hours. Mr. Cawyer’s blog post—entitled “Employers Using Biometric Systems to Tracks Hours Must Dot Their I’s and Cross Their T’sand published on the Texas Employment Law Update—addresses a recent putative class action filed in Illinois by a group of Chicago-area employees alleging that the group’s employer violated Illinois’s biometric information privacy laws by using employees’ fingerprints to track their work hours.  This action serves as a powerful reminder that employers who use biometric timekeeping systems (e.g., fingerprint or retina scanners) to allow employees to clock in and clock out of work must ensure that they comply with applicable state laws restricting the collection, use, and retention of such information.

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