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Henry Robinson Authors Article in the 2019 Employee Relations Law Journal

Henry Robinson penned an article, “How Employees May Minimize Current Fiduciary Risks under ERISA—Part II,” which was published in the Summer 2019 Employee Relations Law Journal. Henry Robinson authored a 2-part article, titled “How Employers and Employees May Minimize Current Fiduciary Risks under ERISA,” that is published in the Employee Relations Law Journal.  Part I of the article, which identified the fiduciary duties and discussed current risks, was published in the Spring 2019 edition (Vol. 44, No. 4).  Part II of the article, which makes eight specific recommendations for minimizing fiduciary risks under ERISA, was published in the Summer edition (Vol. 45, No. 1). 

The Employee Relations Law Journal is a legal journal that publishes articles in the field of labor and employment law.  The journal covers employment law issues such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, family medical leave, sexual harassment, terminations, age discrimination, alternative dispute resolution, National Labor Relations Board decisions, and trends in employment law.  The journal also includes regular columns that explore topics such as new employment and labor relations laws, regulations, court cases, developments in employee benefits administration, on-the-job safety and health issues, and labor-management relations.  The journal is published quarterly by Aspen Publishers.

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