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360 West Magazine Names 85 Kelly Hart Attorneys as Top Attorneys for 2019

The July issue of 360 West magazine recognizes 85 Kelly Hart lawyers selected by their peers for inclusion in its Top Attorneys list.  

In its annual listing of the region’s best attorneys, 360 West magazine features top attorneys in selected fields who were nominated by their peers.  Datajoe Research, a survey research company specializing in data collection and verification, conducted the online balloting, vetting, and tallying. Below are the individually recognized Kelly Hart attorneys and the practice areas in which they were nominated.  Note:  The number of winners selected to the Top Attorneys list varies by category— based on the volume of nominees and the number of votes cast.

Kelly Hart 2019 Top Attorneys:

Antitrust Law
Don Herrmann
Bill Warren*

Appellate Law
Marianne M. Auld
John H. Cayce Jr.
Joe Greenhill
Caitlyn Hubbard-Y 
David Keltner
Jody S. Sanders
Arbitration and Mediation
Shauna Wright

Attorneys for Non-Profit
Phillip McCrury*
Dana M. Stayton
Dulaney "Dee" Steer*

Aviation Admiralty Maritime And Transportation
Orest Dachniwsky
Howard L. Rosenthal

Craig N. Smetko
K.C. Thompson

Dan A. Vela

Banking and Financial
Jonathan W. Cranz*
Brandon M. Hill
Daniel L. Lowry
Matthew Luensmann*
R. Daniel Settle Jr*

Bankruptcy and Workout
Katherine T. Hopkins
Michael McConnell
Nancy Ribaudo

Business Law
David W. Cook*
Dirk E. Eshleman
Evan Malloy*
Michael Moan
Andrew Ramsey-Y

Civil Law Litigation
Hugh G. Connor II
Marshall M. Searcy*
Civil Law Transactional
J. Austin Franklin
Frank Pete Greenhaw
Jason Nash
Joakim Soederbaum-Y

Commercial Litigation

Brian K. Garrett
Dee Kelly Jr.*
Marshall M. Searcy*
Brian S. Stagner
William N. Warren*

Darren J. Keyes*
J. Jody Walker

Corporate Finance/Mergers and Acquisitions
S. Benton Cantey*
David W. Cook*
Jonathan Heathman*-Y
Evan Malloy*
Nathan McCune-Y
Jarratt Watkins*
Wayne Whitham
Chelsea Wood

Eminent Domain
Roger Diseker

Government and Administrative
Jonathan Cranz*
Dee Kelly Jr.*

Health Care Law
Henry Robinson*
R. Daniel Settle*


Derek W. Anderson*

Intellectual Property
Leslie M. Darby*
Cheryl P. Leb*

Labor & Employment
Paige P. Biggs*
Russell D. Cawyer*
Christopher E. Howe*
Hannah Parks* -Y
Henry Robinson*

Land Use & Environment
J. Ray Oujesky
Todd W. Spake*

Oil & Gas
Seth E. Burt-Y
Jeffrey R. Grable 

Andrew H. Neal
Nirav Patel-Y
Clark H. Rucker
Todd W. Spake*
John R. Thompson  
Product Liability
Michael D. Anderson*
J. Chad Arnette
Lars L. Berg*
Elizabeth A. Cuneo-Y
Preston Mundt

Professional Malpractice Non Medical Defense
Michael Anderson*
Derek Anderson
Lars L. Berg*
Roger Diseker
E. Glen Johnson
Jeff Whitfield

Real Estate
Mark E. Bishop
Alan D. Hegi
Chad A. Key
Darren Keyes*
Matthew Luensmann*
Patricia F. Meadows
J. Andrew Rogers
Kenneth W. Stogdill
Hannah Watkins  

Securities Law
Natalie J. Carlgren
Jonathan Heathman*-Y
Calvin Jackson
Jarratt Watkins*  
Jacob Birnbaum-Y
Sean A. Bryan

Thomas R. Hegi 
Leslie M. Darby*

Wills, Trusts, Estates, Probates
Heidi Angel-Y
R. Paul Lancaster

Phillip McCrury*
Dulaney "Dee" Steer*

Workers Compensation
Paige P. Biggs*
Russell D. Cawyer*
Christopher E. Howe*
Hannah Parks*

*Denotes attorneys nominated in more than one area of law.
Y-Denotes attorneys less than 5 years in practice.
Fifty-seven Kelly Hart Lawyers Named 2019 Top Attorneys
Fort Worth, Texas magazine