Fifty-seven Kelly Hart Lawyers Named Top Attorneys by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine

The December edition of Fort Worth, Texas magazine recognizes 57 Kelly Hart lawyers selected by their peers for inclusion in its Top Attorneys list.  

The Kelly Hart lawyers recognized include:

Michael Anderson, Civil Law & Litigation
Chad Arnette, Civil Law & Litigation
Marianne Auld
, Appellate
Whitney Beckworth,
Civil Law & Litigation
Lars Berg, Civil Law & Litigation
Mark Bishop, Real Estate
Sean Bryan, Tax
Caleb Bulls, Civil Law & Litigation
Russell Cawyer, Labor & Employment - Employer
John Cayce Jr., Appellate
Hugh Connor, Civil Law & Litigation
David Cook, Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions
Jonathan Cranz, Public Finance
Leslie Darby, Intellectual Property
Roger Diseker, Civil Law & Litigation 
Bob Grable, Oil & Gas
Jeff Grable, Oil & Gas
Joe Greenhill, Appellate
Jonathan Heathman, Corporate Finance
Alan Hegi, Real Estate
Tom Hegi, Tax
Brandon Hill, Banking
Katherine Hopkins, Bankruptcy
Cal Jackson, Securities
Dee Kelly Jr., Civil Law & Litigation
David Keltner, Appellate
Chad Key, Real Estate
Cheryl Leb, Intellectual Property
Dan Lowry, Banking
Matthew Luensmann, Real Estate
Evan Malloy, Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions
Michael McConnell, Bankruptcy
Phil McCrury, Probate, Estates, Trust 
Patricia Meadows,, Real Estate
Sharon Millians, Real Estate 
Preston Mundt, Civil Law & Litigation
J. Drew Neill, Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions
J. Ray, Oujesky, Land Use & Environment 
Nirav Patel, Oil & Gas
Jennifer Rosell, Real Estate
Howard Rosenthal, Business Corporate
Clark Rucker
, Oil & Gas
Bart Rue, Oil & Gas
Jody Sanders, Appellate
Mallory Schuit, Civil Law & Litigation
Marshall Searcy, Civil Law & Litigation
Todd Spake, Oil & Gas
Brian Stagner, Civil Law and Litigation
Dana Stayton, Nonprofit Law
Matthew Stayton, Appellate
Kenneth Stogdill, Real Estate
John Thompson III, Oil & Gas
Jody Walker, Real Estate
William Warren, Civil Law & Litigation
Hannah Watkins, Real Estate
Jarratt Watkins, Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions 
Chelsea Wood, Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions
Shauna Wright, Civil Law & Litigation