Loulan Pitre Leads Effort in $500M Highway Project

Loulan J. Pitre leads in innovative finance and construction of $500+ million elevated highway project to Port Fourchon.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has approved the La. 1 elevated highway project for a federal INFRA grant of $135 million—the largest such INFRA grant in the nation—to be used in connection with state and private funds to complete the $300+ million Phase 2 of the elevated highway.  Loulan Pitre’s role in this effort began over 20 years ago when he prepared the articles of incorporation of La. 1 Coalition, Inc., a non-profit corporation focused on the need for an elevated highway to Port Fourchon, the intermodal hub of offshore oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.  Since that time, Mr. Pitre has served pro bono on the Coalition’s board, on its executive committee, and as its corporate secretary.  He also served as outside general counsel to Port Fourchon’s governing authority for several years beginning in 1995

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