Twenty-Eight Kelly Hart Attorneys Featured in Super Lawyers 2014 Business Edition

Twenty-eight Kelly Hart attorneys have been selected and will be listed in the 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition. 

Super Lawyers Business Edition magazine features Super Lawyers recognized in business-related practice groups including:  Litigation, Employment, Construction, Real Estate & Environmental, Business & Transactions, and Intellectual Property.

Kelly Hart attorneys, and corresponding business section, featured in the 2014 Super Lawyers Business Edition include:

Chad J. Arnette (Litigation), Marianne M. Auld (Litigation), Lars L. Berg (Litigation), Richard F. Bernasek (Business & Transactions), Russell D. Cawyer (Employment), John H. Cayce, Jr., (Litigation), Hugh G. Connor, II (Litigation), Robert C. Grable (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Alan D. Hegi (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Thomas R. Hegi (Business & Transactions), Donald E. Herrmann (Litigation), Glenn E. Johnson(Construction, Real Estate & Environmental),  Dee J. Kelly (Litigation), Dee J. Kelly, Jr., (Litigation), David E. Keltner (Litigation), Chad A. Key (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Cheryl P. Leb (IP), Michael A. McConnell (Business & Transactions), Patricia F. Meadows (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Sharon S. Millians (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Loulan J. Pitre, Jr. (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Henry H. Robinson (Employment), Andrew J. Rogers (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Bart A. Rue (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Matthew D. Stayton (Litigation), Robert T. Stewart (Construction, Real Estate & Environmental), Clay M. Taylor (Business & Transactions), and William N. Warren ( Litigation).   

Super Lawyers selects attorneys using a patented multiphase selection process. Peer nominations and evaluations are combined with third party research. Each candidate is evaluated on 12 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement. Selections are made on an annual, state-by-state basis. Super Layers Business Edition will be published in November, 2014.  Super Lawyers is a Thomson Reuters service.