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Kelly Hart’s Environmental attorneys have broad experience and provide comprehensive services to clients facing the complex legal challenges dealing with environmental issues. Our experience includes representation in civil, criminal, and regulatory proceedings, compliance counseling, regulatory assistance, transactional advice, and counseling on crisis management. 

Our Environmental attorneys possess valuable technical experience working with experts in civil litigation and regulatory matters, as well as, transactional matters and criminal enforcement proceedings. Section attorneys include former state regulators who can provide unique insight into difficult regulatory issues.

Kelly Hart attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complex system of environmental laws and regulations involving:

Surface water and groundwater (subsurface) water contamination

Oil and gas exploration and production waste management and oil field cleanup

Clean Air Act permits and compliance (including Title V, PSD, NSR and state permits; compliance with NESHAPS, NSPS, BACT, RACT and MACT; and Title II regarding-
road/non-road motor vehicles and engines)

Hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and municipal solid waste management and permits

Underground and petroleum storage tank regulation, remediation and reimbursement

Environmental liabilities and due diligence in real estate, merger/acquisition and lending transactions

Endangered species, wetlands, and other land use issues

Regulatory policy development and agency rulemaking

Special waste management, including asbestos, PCB’s, medical and radioactive wastes

Used oil, tires, and other recycling and reuse programs

Investigation and remediation of contaminated property

Innocent Owner, Voluntary Clean-up and Dry Cleaner Programs and Municipal Setting Designation activities

Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act compliance

Legislative strategy and solutions
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