Unfair Competition, Noncompete, and Trade Secrets

Kelly Hart’s attorneys specialize in protecting the confidentiality, proprietary nature, and trade secret information of their clients. They provide legal assistance in enforcing and defending against non-competition agreements and other trade restraint measures, as well as safeguarding clients against unfair competition.

When a company’s trade secrets or other proprietary information are at risk of misappropriation or use, our lawyers act promptly to prevent irreparable harm. This involves seeking immediate relief for clients in court, such as temporary restraining orders, expedited discovery, preservation of electronically stored information, and forensic analysis of such information while maintaining the ability to pursue other remedies, including damages.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of protecting clients’ trade secrets and valuable proprietary information, as well as recovering damages against those who engage in unfair competition and misappropriation of our clients’ resources.