Oil & Gas/Energy Regulations and Administrative Hearings

Kelly Hart’s team of Oil & Gas/Energy lawyers provide legal representation to clients in a diverse array of actions and proceedings before both state and federal administrative bodies, such as the Railroad Commission of Texas and the General Land Office. Our attorneys possess extensive knowledge and experience in various areas, including:

  • Resolving disputes related to the Mineral Interest Pooling Act
  • Handling proration disputes
  • Assisting clients with well permitting cases
  • Addressing disputes pertaining to the designation of new field rules and field rule disputes
  • Handling cases related to oil and gas prorationing and allowable adjustment matters
  • Handling issues related to well spacing and density
  • Handling cases related to the ratable purchase and transportation of natural gas
  • Assisting clients in curtailment cases involving disputes between pipelines and producers
  • Handling environmental regulation cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the Railroad Commission, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the Environmental Protection Agency