Public Law

Kelly Hart’s Public Law Group specializes in assisting businesses in navigating the intricate intersection of law, policy, and government. Our team of experienced attorneys provides comprehensive advice on a wide range of areas, including international transactions and trade, government procurement, energy regulations and policies, corporate governance and crisis management, federal and state regulatory matters, and public policy.

Our dedicated public law and policy practice is staffed by attorneys who focus exclusively on legislative, policy, and regulatory issues. Among our esteemed team are former Texas Secretary of State, former Texas First Assistant Attorney General, and other lawyers with extensive backgrounds in government service. Many of our attorneys also actively participate in political activities across the two major U.S. parties.

At Kelly Hart, we offer strategic counsel to clients on a diverse range of legal and public policy matters. Our expertise spans various areas, including antitrust, campaign finance and political law, corporate governance, crisis management, derivatives markets regulation, energy, environment and natural resources, ERISA, labor and employment, federal appropriations, financial product and capital markets regulation, financial services, infrastructure finance, intellectual property, international trade, municipal finance, and tax.