Transportation Law

Kelly Hart’s Transportation attorneys have extensive expertise in providing comprehensive legal services to clients who face complex challenges in transporting passengers and freight across the globe. We have significant experience in various sectors, such as logistics, shipping, private carriers, common carriers, shippers, brokers, trucking insurers, motor carriers, airline, maritime, and railway.

Our clientele includes a major international airline, a Class I railroad, rail-served businesses, charter operators, public transportation authorities, port authorities, aircraft management companies, local and national freight and logistics companies, as well as individuals who own and operate private aircraft. Our team’s knowledge covers regulatory advice and counsel, emergency response, labor and employment matters, industrial real estate transactions, financing, insurance/risk management, accident investigation, and state and federal compliance. Additionally, our litigators have achieved favorable outcomes for transportation-related legal matters in state and federal courts at the trial and appellate levels, as well as before regulatory and administrative agencies.